Chazarrae Chamberlain
Full name Chazarrae Lutarius Chamberlain
Gender Male


Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
  • Unnamed Wife
  • Joseph Morgan
I only have one heir. And my heir is my grandchild.
Chazarrae Chamberlain

Chazarrae Chamberlain better known as The First Witch was the world's very first witch and creator of the Elements. He was the also the father of Alex, Chris and Thomas Chamberlain and Elizabeth's biologic grandfather.

History Edit

Birth Edit

Born to a tribe of Nordic Americans, the shamans bestowed him great power throughout his mother's pregnancy, in hopes of Chazarrae becoming a symbol of prosperity. His tribe, fearful of his power, tried to kill him.

Legacy Edit

Eventually he felt his time was nearing its end. Wanting to continue his legacy, he fathered two children: his firstborn, Chris, with power over Destruction, and Thomas, his second-born, with power over Creation. He passed down all five elements to his granddaughter Elizabeth.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Chazarrae is the offspring of the union of two powerful Nordic American tribes, who was granted power by his shamans and during life, craved more power, channeling life in all its forms. He's been shown to be very adept with Telekinesis using it in various forms and actions.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Chamberlain Bloodline: The only people that have the power to destroy him are those who's born of his bloodline, i.e. Thomas and Elizabeth. It is shown that Thomas's blood can harm the vessel he possesses as a spirit. In his resurrected form, he was able to utilize it into a spell to make him stronger by possessing Elizabeth.
  • Magic: Chazarrae is susceptible to the powers of witchcraft, such as mystical bindings and imbued weaponry. As a spirit, massive amounts of mystical energy, like the collective power of the Ancestors or the sacrifice of an Original Vampire, can seal his spirit away in an unknown dimension.